Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm moving..

Hye readers..

Ada readers ke??Nak bagitau korang ni yang i'm now moving to new blog..You can follow my blog at Takpun click je kat link ni niazaini. This blog no longer be used or tak akan di update lagi. Nak remove macam sayang pula sebab banyak sweet memories here.

Friday, March 27, 2009

What men like in Women

If you want anything said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.There are a number of things that attract men towards women.Let us see:
1)The way women walk- Many women have a certain grace and smoothness to the way they move that men just don't have. The every move of a women is appreciated by men and this is the fact why they are at the back of these women and feel that they can never be over them. The women in a sense seem regal to them.
2)Women are soft-It is so nice to touch a women instead of a men. You feel the tenderness just by a touch. The very feeling of affection and care is felt in her presence. She is the person who can support men and give full zest and enthusiastic feel in them. They are soft to touch as well as soft at heart and makes men also soft in their approach.
3)Hair(utk yg bertudung tu sama gak)-Women can do some amazing things with their hair if it's of any decent length. They can wear it up, wear it down, curl it, braid it, stick it in a ponytail, whatever works. This is the thing which men cannot afford to do and as such cannot change their looks so frequently. Thus these are very few things that attract the men towards women. They can look and present themselves so differently every time and can make themselves liked by men.
4)Women have the best laughs and this can ease all the pressures in life(ehem2 I like this part)- Women don't usually take things as seriously as men and makes men take things easier. Their beauty form all aspects attracts men. The shape of a woman's body, the smell of their body, the feeling they present are fabulous. The shape of their body and most specifically the shape of their breasts attracts men. There are certain parts of the body of a women that make men thrilled and want to explore women(xoxo).
The woman's smartness, intelligence and along with that the maternal instinct make them so different form men. A woman's often eccentric and irrational behavior, which from a distance can provide men with endless hours of amusement.Women are different because of these aspects and they will continue to be making men mad about them and in this way it will continue to work!!!
(taken from yahoo wbsite so everything has been surveyed ok?bkn tulis suka2 hehe)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What you should do before going for a job interview?

There are only five colors you can wear..
3)Dark blue
4)Torquise green

For men:
1)Make sure your kemeja not overlook your pants.
2)Pants hitam, kemeja kena terang(long sleeve shirt ok!)
3)Must wear a tie(plain is better, color depends on your shirt)
4)Belt should be black but if you wanna wear brown belt make sure you wear brown shoes also but it must be dark brown.
5)No jeans or kodroi(I dont know how to spell) and only slack is allowed.
6)Shoes must be leather (pvc also can but it must look like a leather-fully covered of course).
7)Bring max 2 things(briefcase/file n laptop bag)
8)Accessories are allowed such as ring, watch and bangle(please not to big)
9)Hair depends on the post you apply for (if professional post should be clear cut). Please do not dye your hair!!

For women:
1)You have many choices whether to wear baju kurung, kebaya or kemeja (blouse also can but not kebarung..nti nmpak mcm makcik2 lak). Baju seluar rules dia mcm men gak cuma pakai cutting ladies ok?
2)For free hair, dont ponny tail your hair, sanggul should be nice and if you have beautiful hair, you can let your hair just like that as long as it does not too long until it reaches your ass..(rambut cantik kn so lepas jela). If you wanna dye your hair make sure it is suit with your skin. Purple, hijau, merah, orange, biru are not allowed.
3)Those who wanna wear shirt with a tie, make sure you tie is big to stress on the tie.(x sama mcm lelaki ok?)
4)Must wear fully covered shoes max 2inch.No high heels or platform or wedges. (Lepas dh dpt keja pkai la high heels tu..)
5)You can bring max 3 things(handbag tu pn yg kecik je tau, briefcase/file and laptop bag)
6)Accessories like rings(max 3=wedding ring, engagement ring n valentine's ring), watch and bracelet are allowed. If you wanna wear a necklace, make sure it is not to long. Sesuai dengan diri sendiri ok?
7)If you wanna wear contact lens please not too exaggerate..Mcm saya ckp td kena suit dgn diri sendiri fhm2 la org Malaysia ni x berapa nk putih..
8)Earing dont be too messy. Yang berambu2 xnak ye..Choose yang simple2 je but nice.

Kasut kena curi??

Let's predict on your own. Just now, I went to send a friend in Melaka Central. Since it was still early so we decided to hang out first and bought something. I bought a new Chelsea bag which I love it so much and some private things. My friends also bought something for themselves. Then we went for a lunch. Well to comment about the meal, I would say not good hahaha... Then we went to surau at melaka central to perform Zohor prayer. We stayed there for a few minutes before going out. At 4.10p.m we went out to a platform. Unfortunately, my black simple and flat shoes had lost! I have no idea what was going on and I assumed that it has been stolen. I was so unhappy and had to buy a new one to replace the shoes(if not how I'm going back home??). How people can steal other's shoes easily without thinking what is going to happen to the owner? It happened in front of the surau plak tu..Think think before you do something people...(dalam keterpaksaan,,I belila juga kasut yg murah n x cantik. Sabar jela hati..)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today, I fall sick..I'm so in pain and I couldn't stand it anymore..I have 2 tests today which mandarin test and netball test. I still go for mandarin test but not to netball. I sleep the whole day until 10p.m I wake up and have my bath before dinner. I'm still not feeling well now so I want to sleep back. Gdnite everybody hope I'll get well tomorrow.

Monday, March 2, 2009

How I spend my day!!

Yesterday, I was so happy...It's because I spent my day with lots of fun! 1st I went to Taman Buaya which located in Ayer Keroh..Then I went to Taman Mini Malaysia which located not far from Taman Buaya. I love this place so much because I can see all houses from each state. From Perlis house till Sabah house. There are so beautiful though it's only a model. Then there were dance performances which different from each state. I like Indian dance because it was so smooth n detail. That place was so unique and awsome! After the performances, we went to Jom Heboh Karnival which located not far from that place also..All in Ayer Keroh area. However, it was so hot and suddenly it's raining so I could not stand for long and get rid of that place. The next destination was Tesco..Tesco located near to my place hahaha..I wanted to buy something for myself. At 8.30p.m I went home.

(Luckily, msa balik dh ada air,,pagi msa nk kuar tu air xda n keroh lak giler mncabar ah nk mndi..)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Activities this Weekend...

On Thursday night,, I joined my friends for BBQ party at Pantai Puteri...We were there until 2a.m. only then the next day, I went to meet my friend SyahirahLalala =) at Melaka Central before going to Seremban. She treated me at Secret Recipe as my b'day gift (tq sayang).. Then I took 8p.m bus to Seremban and my cousin fetched me soon as I reached there.
On Saturday, my cousin and I went to Gombak early in the morning for nikah ceremony. My cousin Khairunnisa' already becomes a wife (congratulations dear).. I also met my father yesterday since he also came for the wedding (I miss my family so much!!)..Then we went back to Seremban and I took a bus to Melaka at 7.30p.m. Cuak giler because the terminal has changed from terminal1 to terminal2 and I don't know how to get there. Luckily, I could reach there after asking at the counter. Then, I went to Jonker Walk with a friend. Around 2a.m I went to a bed.
Today, I plan to go to Ayer Keroh for Jom Heboh Karnival. I'll try to back home early so that I can finish my assignment..Jalan je keja aku ni hehehe..=p